Please contact me regarding buying some work. You are welcome to visit the studio and gallery to view all works. You can't buy sculpture off the internet! All prices include delivery and installation within 100km of Sydney.
Commissions welcome. 

The god, Gravity, fallen. Chillagoe marble. 60x40x30


Hope. Carrara statuary marble. 70x40x25


Hope (3/4 view)

Hoody. Gosford sandstone. 80x45x35


Tectonic. Chillagoe matrble 40 x 40 x 12  cm. $3,700
Tectonic (detail)
 Fecundity Sydney sandstone 50 x 50 x 50 cm. $3,200
Cultivator 3. Unique bronze, wood, found object 60 x 25 x 12 $2,700

Cultivator 4  Unique bronze, wood, found object. 60 x 25 x 12. $2,700
The god, Gravity, fallen (detail)
Mountain Devil. Reconstituted fibre on steel armature 200 x 60 x 60 $2700
Diprotodont Emerging. Carrara statuary marble 70 x 40 x 60. $9,700
Diprotodont Emerging (detail)
Diprotodont Emerging (detail)
The god, Gravity, fallen (detail)
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